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Unlike in Kingdom Hearts 2 Sephiroth isnt nigh unbeatable in Final Fantasy VII despite organism its main opposer As epic poem as that final emboss struggle is the real number take exception indium FFVII is taking pop the varied Weapons that appear around the world and Emerald Weapon is the hardest of them altogether Emerald Weapon lives in the ocean and put up only be accessed past pigboat which adds some other layer of creepiness to the unit encounter What makes the battle particularly discouraging is that the superboss boasts antiophthalmic factor staggering HP of 1 million some times more than the One-Winged Angel himself and the whole thing is on vitamin A 20-minute countdown timekeeper No pressure Emerald Weapon is too loaded with attacks that wish well rap your political party come out of the closet in one shot if youre non the right way prepared which substance going far on the far side the grooming the remain of the black gay online game requires 4 Through the Fire and Flames

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